Sunday, 3 April 2011

A weekend in the studio

While WMBM visited "dad-can-you-help-us-lay-the-turf" for the weekend, I was left to my own devices. Save the dogs and chooks (a.k.a. chickens or the girls), there was no one but I to keep me company. We got on just fine. We spent Friday night chilling out in the studio - sorting this and that, wondering about what a particular thing could be used for and having a party in my head. Beading the piece of fabric now known as "sampler" became the focus and after burning the 10pm environmentally-friendly bulb it was lights out on another day. Sleep really interferes with continuity!
Saturday was spent on more beading, and sorting out a large bowl of used tea bags in various degrees of "stain". One or two had gone "too far" and found themselves in the compost - the rest spent the morning drying on a tea towel and are ow stashed in a folder of plastic envelopes titled "Good Stuff". It is filed beside the tissue paper from Colorado (shoes, not State) and I'm desperate to know what the receivers or administrators will do with all that gorgeous world-map printed tissue ... perhaps I should offer to help out?


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