Saturday, 14 July 2012

Where you wheelie bin?

Am enjoying creating rubbings and thanks to Kraftkolour my new sticks arrived yesterday - worth the wait as I was scrounging around in the bottom of an old take-away container looking for scraps of gold and charcoal last weekend. There's a feeling of being caught naked if I don't have sticks and fabric at the ready. while it's true they spend a lot of time in my knapsack in the back of the car, when required they are as indispensable as the camera.  These are the other two rubbings I made on the 1986 wheelie bin on Coochie - they've now been heat set and are ready to become quilts. There's nothing like an overcast muddle headed Saturday for making quilts and chocolate crackles - feeling rather blessed!

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Sue Dennis said...

Now Chocolate Crackles takes me back! Rubbings are great BTW.