Friday, 20 July 2012

Sue Dennis Takes Leaf Exhibition

Spent today with the Tarome Ladies Club visiting the Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival in Warwick.  Sue Dennis is exhibiting and teaching at the Warwick Art Gallery as well as judging the tree jumpers for this year's competition - so after some fine refreshments at a nearby cafe we wandered into the Gallery to see if Sue really had "Taken Leaf" of her senses.  The exhibition is sumptuous - texture and transformation everywhere - and a wonderful video of Sue at work  - creating some of the pieces in the exhibition. We sat and watched it a couple of times - and got a real sense of being immersed in Sue's creative world - and watching her quilts come to life.   This isn't someone simply chatting to the camera about their work - in fact there isn't a spoken word to be heard - it is all a rich visual feast that provides the perfect compliment and complement to the exhibition pieces.

In the Moonlight (triptych) has a wonderful translucent quality -  the printing of the leaves has created a sense of depth - the quilting creates another subplot.

The Gallery space is interesting - and Leaf Song #1, #2 and #3 hang beautifully in the space. They drop three metres from the ceiling and require 360 degree contemplation.  The framed Necklace series (left side of gallery) are beautifully printed - some on cotton, some on silk - with the cottonwood and cedar prints were our favourites.

Our favourites were Grand Canyon Memories from Sue's trip to that area in 2010, and By the Pond - its ethereal qualities evoke a sense of calm and harmony. Congratulations Sue - another stunning exhibition and  on show at the Warwick Art Gallery, 49 Albion Street Warwick until 19 August.

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Sue Dennis said...

Thanks for your insightful and thoughtful comments Ali. It's always nerve wracking to know how an exhibition will be received.