Saturday, 5 May 2012

Studio Blog Hop Schedule for May - SAQA style

This is not a studio - at least not any more. It was the sole and soul place where I worked for most of the last seven months and the space worked perfectly - if accompanied by a disciplined approach to "tidy".  It really does not matter how big or small or where your place to be creative is located - so long as you have a space. This month the SAQA Oceania members are participating in a Studio Blog Hop - every other day in May. We've had two great "reveals" already this month - Mel Forrest and Sue Dennis with Lisa Walton's studio on view from today. The schedule is listed below - simply click on the artist. SAQA is an incredible organisation supporting artists who create art quilts - so if you would like to know more about SAQA please don't hesitate to get in contact with me or Lisa Walton - or anyone of our Oceania group. Enjoy the tour!
Mel  Forrest (1st  May)
Sue  Dennis (3rd  May)
Lisa  Walton (5th  May)
Linda  Robertus (7th  May)
Dale  Rollerson (9th  May)
Averil  Stuart-Head (11th  May) 
Beth Miller (13th  May) 
Sally  Westcott (15th  May)
Ali  George (17th  May)
Pam  Holland (19th  May)
Felicity  Clake (21st  May)
Brenda Gael Smith (23rd  May)
Alison  Lawrence (25th  May) 
Jenny  Bowker (27th  May)
Sue  Domeney (29th  May)

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