Friday, 22 April 2016

Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition - one week to go!

Detail of my entry to the Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition as part of the Broadstrokes group of artists. It has been a privilege to be part of this talented group, many of whom are en route to Tainen, Taiwan for the exhibition opening next week. This year's theme required artists to consider loss of species (represented by the log cabin blocks of varying sizes) shot (quite literally) by my neighbour and butcher Kane. You can see the peppering as well as the rather large hole after being blasted by a 12 gauge.  I felt it more than demonstrated the point that the fastest loss of species from the planet is related to the activity of humans. The restorative element of the brief was achieved by suturing the wounds - a healing and hopeful aspect.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Collage workshop fun

A great four days running mini workshops in collage and stitch at the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show.  Using our hand dyed and printed fabrics as a base, we created cords, motifs, thread skeins and paper prints for exercises in design, colour, contrast and scale - sharing laughter and creative fun!  Thanks everyone!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Lichen dye

Discovered this fungus / lichen at the base of some old stumps we are digging out. Now brewing in a sunny spot of the studio for a few weeks, along with another jar of avocado skins  - for thread dyeing to be used on my soul stitch project. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sunday sundye

Glorious sunshine and a perfect day to use sun dyes.  Today is basic - wet cloth, paint like there's no one watching with a foam brush in each hand and musical accompaniment of your choosing. Scatter found objects over the wet surface. Wait until the cloth is dry then remove objects - heat set and wash as per instructions.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Monoprints - wrapped up

Getting into the rythm of printmaking  - a quick exercise is to get out the student acrylics and the gel or glass plate and play on a roll of brown paper. Several metres later and there are heaps of ideas popping around  - crumple and recrumple to change the structure of the paper, fuse to a felt background and stitch, cut out pieces at random and applique or fuse to other pieces, cut into strips then weave before fusing to another background and stitch. Overprint. If you dont like a section - overprint with another design. If nothing else, unique wrapping paper for 2016.

Making cord - a texture treat

Fabric trimmings make great cord - roll one length as tight as possible without it buckling and hand to a trusty assistant to hold while a second piece is similarly rolled. Place the two pieces together,  ends together and without either piece unravelling, before rolling them together in the opposite direction. Roll tightly then let the newly made cord relax.  Knot each end. Uses include: couching and adding texture,  creating shapes such as spirals, use zigzag stitch to couch rows of cord to a background and frame / mount  on a canvas, edge pages of a stitched journal, join to make length suitable for crochet or knotted shapes .... endless possibilities for repurposing what would have otherwise been rubbish. Short pieces?  Tie together to make lengths suitable for rolling. Organic. Simple. Beautiful.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pat's hexagons

This past few days, perhaps daze, have been spent on retreat with a group of women I can't contemplate  life without.  When the laughter and storytelling alternate with the whir of sewing machines, the rythm of hand stitching, adult beverages interspersed with home cooked delights ... all is righted in my world.  
I'm making progress on the inherited hexagons. Slowly taking shape. The needle dipping and rising while aspects of Pat's life are revealed one backing paper at a time. She was much loved. A wife, mother, aunt, friend  of many. Busy. Thrifty.  Christian. Brave. Held close in the prayers and thoughts of so many.  This past few days have been spent trying to do justice to Pat's final project -   and finding great peace in the rythm of stitch.