Sunday, 19 October 2014

Home grown ...

Today's challenge, after the printer deconstruction, was to work a little gastronomical wonder from the pantry and garden. So .. some sesame seeds and flat breads toasted; labna made earlier in the week from pot set yoghurt - now rolled into balls and sprinkled with garlic, freshly chopped rosemary and olive oil; home grown beetroot steamed then puréed with balsamic, garlic, chilli oil, olive oil and a little salt; and some puréed chickpeas, sesame seeds, pepper, bush lemon juice and parsley ... and more garlic! Thank you Stephanie Alexander for your wonderful recipes and a wickedly delicious Sunday  lunch.

Deconstruction of a printer ...

Latest sculpture project is to de-construct a large item and reinterpret it ... this could also be named "never-complain-about-the-price-of-a-printer-again". Every possible piece of wire, screw, spring, roller, motor, clip and circuit board has been laid out while its new context is considered. Many ideas ... and a deadline approaching. Still counting and labelling the components. Wonderful Sunday!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Scale, proportion, context and strawberries

Studying sculpture, along with time spent thinking about anything in depth, is providing food for thought in terms of the language of materials, scale, proportion and context in my own works. I walk by Her Maj in the park every morning en route to work. Her austerity and formality is both irksome and comforting. Fooling around in the office with this giant strawberry ... well that's just fun!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Regeneration and Spring

Waiting for yesterday's storm - the WMBM has about 17 different vegetables growing in the vegie patch - and unusually for him he is trying to deter the King Parrots from eating the newly forming tomatoes - they seem to adore the seeds in the green ones. In between treatments, WMBM is working in the gardens, pruning, trimming and welcoming Spring. It is such a wonderful time of year ...

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Log cabin revisited

 Spring is a time of colour and renewal. I am continuing exploration of the log cabin block and working on a small, experimental piece (approximately 24" x 24" or 60cm x 60cm) that looks at philosophical sameness and nuances in three Abrahamic religions. I wanted to take the log cabin, its Western representation of heart, hearth and home and reconstruct the block from different perspectives. Finding the log cabin represented in Egyptian artefacts, similar designs in the Waitangi Treaty House or in Manx patchwork - means different things depending on the context in which it is found. There were a few times when I  struggled with the messaging. I have that same sense if I listen to media coverage of the "news".The test quilt, although small, is something I'll develop into a larger format and remains an idea in progress.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sculpture is Everything! exhibition at QAG

A wonderful day with  SAQA friends at the Queensland Art Gallery then a chance to look at Sculpture is Everything!  and purchase the catalogue ... drove home listening to the Queensland Writer's Festival broadcasts which were being hosted along the Brisbane river, nestled between the Art Gallery and GOMA. It was the best of days ..... in the best of company.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


It has been a weekend of unexpected things, including some time spent working on a piece of art cloth - stitching a story of life, loss and wandering thoughts ... meandering in stitch.