Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tick that Box

Beneath the Southern Sky entry  submitted - CHECK
State of the Art Quilt 2012 entry submitted for Queensland Quilters - CHECK
Vacuuming and housework completed - sorry, what was that?

This sketch was going to form the basis of a Beneath the Southern Sky entry - the Queensland Coastline near Innisfail coming home from work recently - farmland, rivers emptying into the Pacific Ocean, coral quays and a container ship or two ... I do love aerial views and the way they quickly become abstract with height (I think we were nearing 40,000 feet). My actual entry is 150% completely different from this idea ... maybe another idea for another quilt on another day ...

and this is a Nankeen Kestrel (tiny blimp out front, far right),  telling off a Wedgetail eagle (big blimp centre) both of which were being harassed by a crow (moderate sized blimp, slightly below). Sunday mornings are always busy out here .... sometimes we are lucky enough, in the breeding season, to watch the parent eagles teach their young the finer art of flying, fishing and catching thermals.

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Ankie said...

that`s great Ali, all done !! i haven`t done a thing exept knitting, bit flat at the moment xx