Thursday, 15 December 2011

It's been ten years since ...

What haven't you done for ten years?  For me it was the movies. So last night I was invited out, in the intimate setting of three full cinemas of "chicks" and just before the movie started I thought  ..... OMG it's my bedtime. I did laugh, along with many hundred of others, through New Years Eve. I light hearted fun film that was not too long, not too short and I have no idea what Margaret and David would think of it. So while it's not a movie that will ever turn up on SBS2 it is a great distraction from everything else and loaded with so many famous people (I took the frequent ooohs and aaaaghs as a sign that I should have known who they were) including the enduring and beautiful Robert de Niro. I know there were only three actors in the entire production that I could not have given birth to and the New York scenery for the most part was simply .... big.  New Year's Eve is a great laugh and a fun night out. Thank you Fi, Mel, Jem, Carol, Bel, Caroline and Em.

Two of those famous people

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Judy said...

sounds a lot of fun
Midnight in Paris is a light and lovely dish too