Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Greyscales and stitches as marks

Sketching out some ideas for black / white and greyscales I got to thinking about Mola and the "negative" space that's left with the removal of each layer - and wondered if my stitched piece was capable of bleeding? So I cut the discard pieces into strips then scrunched and folded and stitched them onto a base fabric (a hand towel from an airline and something that the laptop computer came wrapped it that has now become a nuisance I drag around with me). In the white spaces I started to use variations of black thread, white thread, double white, double black and black and white thread in single then double configuration and randomly stitched the exposed parts building up the layers of stitches to create a different kind of greyscale. Definitely not the world's most attractive expermiment but lots of fun.

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