Saturday, 5 December 2009

Felting the slow way

I've been so slack - and looking forward to the end of 2009 ( I recall thinking similar thoughts about a year ago). This year has been quite a roller-coaster - with many opportunities to learn things, not necessarily related to fibre, quilting or threads. Suffice to say that we were reminded that life is precious 7 times this year, our Christmas card list certainly shrank, and as I see the year out with a tiresome fracture in one foot I'm actually thankful for it and will complain no more about it. I've been playing with one of those "must-have-but-why-did-I-buy-it" kits from one of those "they-all-look-the-same-but-can't-miss-it" quilt fairs and started playing with felting .... and got a bit carried away. Thankfully, I got over myself quickly. It really was a lot of fun, rather therapeutic if you don't count stabbing yourself with the barbed stabbing thing - perhaps the gadget that does it much quicker is a faster option but I did love playing with those fibres.

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