Friday, 22 August 2014

Vital Signs @ QRAA

There are so many entries in this year's Queensland Regional Art Awards - and just as many interpretations of this year's theme "Vital Signs".  Watershed (left) interrogates the divide between those with access to water and sanitation and those who do not. The log cabin block represents the traditional concept of home, hearth, safety and protection. One half is comprised of hand dyed fabrics rubbed and printed in a modern, western style shower using the shower head, drain and mat. The other half of each block is comprised on mono-printed fabrics taken from scrubbed glass, representing the idea of cleaning the shower, removing those things that bring disease, infection and compromise good health.Watershed has been quilted with the shapes of germs and bacteria - from the perspective of under the microscope.

You can see all this year's entries, and vote for Viewers Choice here.


Margaret said...

Wonderful piece, Ali. I hope you will think about submitting it to the Taiwan Quilt Festival in 2016 as the theme is the environment.

Linda Stokes said...

I like the way you've used a traditional technique with your unique fabrics to convey your message. Love your Mothers Garden too (which I voted for!)