Saturday, 14 December 2013

Leaf and silk weaving

In the 45 minute window between waving off the WMBM and me heading to Brisbane for that other job, I took some hand dyed silk printed with an ezy-carve block (silky oak leaf) and bonded it onto vliesofix. Did the same with another shade of hand dyed silk then proceeded to cut and weave them before fusing onto a tissue paper background. I was surprised at the translucence of the woven sheet - even where the printed leaf is underneath a top strip, its presence is retained. A fabulous way to create a new ground for stitching, drawing or both!


Margaret said...

vliesoflex? Can you tell me more? Love the results you got, Ali!

Judy said...

don't comprehend the process but love the result

Sue Dennis said...

Such transparency in the silk- just lovely. Merry Christmas to you both xx