Sunday, 20 January 2013

Anything is possible

I have been looking at the work of William Kentridge and his view on the importance of play. So often when I am in art quilt mode the focus tends towards time frames  deadlines and getting to the end of the binding. Kentridge believes in the seriousness of play, "in the looseness of trying different things from which images and ideas emerge" and "in between the things I thought I was doing, the real work has happened". So today is a day for some very serious play and remembering that anything and everything is possible, especially in between what I thought I was doing.


Margaret said...

Thanks for the nudge, Ali! My new transfer paints arrived this past week and I've yet to crack the box. Perhaps Tuesday will be Time To Play Day in my 'sewdio'!

Sue Dennis said...

I'll do some play too today but the floor needs a clean first!

mel.forrest said...

Sounds wonderful, I sooooo enjoy playtime in the studio - enjoy:))