Saturday, 3 September 2011

2QAQ Demonstration Day

Our August meeting at 2-quackers was a hoot. August is demonstration and sales day - and both Ros and Ankie took us to interesting places with painted batting and mono-printing. The only problem was we had to pack up and head home! I did a few mono-prints (no encouragement required) and this first piece was achieved by first rollering the black pigment and extender over the glass - and then tearing strips of paper towel which were placed variously over the painted glass. First print. Once that had dried sufficiently (and it didn't take long) the process was repeated using red and by placing the torn pieces of towel in different places I think the effect is quite nice. Finally, stamping in black then red. The next piece was double printed - first with aubergine scribbled through with a cotton bud, then red with finger wiggles. A couple of contrasting splodges of black gave the piece a lift. Finally, an aubergine piece reminding everyone about September's meeting - it's our "Found Objects" challenge reveal. Print achieved by writing in reverse using a cotton bud. It gets easier with practice!

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Margaret said...

Oh I do like the crisp look of red/white/black. Good stuff! :-)