Saturday, 24 September 2011

Lattitude and World Quilt

At long last - here's a pic of Latitude (left and below) which was my 2011 entry to the Mancuso's World Quilt XV .  Latitude  is approximately 1400 square inches ... just bigger than one yard x one yard. The fabrics used are hand dyed (aubergine is my favourite colour for those in any doubt). The fabric was rubbed with Shiva sticks over a beautiful piece of public art in Ipswich outside my office. Leaves from a friend were stencilled. The surface is embellished with silks, some pieces hand dyed by Ankie King, and finally some tiny reflective square sequins and beads - just a few to catch the light were placed in and around the leaves. Hand and machine stitched, hand and machine quilted. A close up of one leaf (below) is Shiva stencilled leaf over dyed silk and cotton fabrics. Congratulations to the very talented Julie Haddrick for winning best of Country and Marlene King for viewers choice with their exquisite quilts. Our Australian World Quilt Competition Coordinator is Sue Dennis and you can find more information about World Quilt on Sue's website.

The Beauty of Life 2 by Julie Haddrick
Julie Haddrick - The Beauty of Life

Marlene King - Travel

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Sue Dennis said...

Will take some photos of the Australian quilts at PIQF.