Friday, 16 September 2011

Home again ... it's Friday

What an exquisite day - work involved being at Cleveland, about 45 minutes east of Brisbane city. I arrived early and I took in some of the Art Walk - details available from the Art Gallery and Redlands Council and also online.  Then I headed back to the city and had lunch with friends Linda and Kate at Southbank in Brisbane and got to meet Cherilyn Martin who is about to teach FibreArts in Townsville from 18 - 24 September and ClothArt in the Hawkesbury (Sydney) from 25 September - 1 October. Wow doesn't seem to cover it.  My head is still bursting and bustling with ideas. So it was a very excited and contemplative drive home this afternoon. As always,  I paused on Villis Bridge, to reflect on the day. I watched this cormorant fishing, wading then organising itself with wings held out - before it hopped onto a branch and settled itself.  Ten minutes well spent in "pause mode". Then another mile to home and WMBM - that's Mount Edwards on the horizon, and Cunningham's Gap (reversed) in the rear view mirror. Still pinching myself .... thanks Linda, Kate, Cherilyn and  the very obliging Cormorant.

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