Sunday, 21 August 2011

Progress towards Nested Exhibition

We're only 8 weeks away from "Nested" opening at the Art Factory Gallery in South Brisbane from 13-20 October. Sue and Bruce worked tirelessly yesterday on the structure of our major piece - giving it form. Over the next few weeks, Ankie, Sue and I will give it life. Can't wait to see what happens and you are more than welcome to come along to the exhibition to see the result up close and personal!
More surprises - the genesis of another of the exhibition pieces - followed by an experiment in wire, paper mache, bandages and silk. There's nothing like the excitement of hooking into a theme and hanging on for the creative ride. 


Ankie said...

your 'worst ever ' piece looks pretty good in the photo,i like the photo of sue and bruce hard at work its all getting pretty exiting hey!!!

Judy said...

Yes it does look that