Saturday, 17 September 2011

2QAQ, Found Objects and Vik Muniz

I am meant to be studying. I am meant to be responding to various pieces of public art I've been observing over the previous week and somehow I am experimenting with a program that creates collages - in all shapes and sizes .... and I'm playing with some of the 2QAQ pictures from earlier meetings this year (there are also a few ring-ins of my own). Lots of fun and the best part is the program Shape Collage is free. I can't wait for our 2QAQ Septemebr 24 meeting - where we reveal our challenge pieces - Found Objects.  Back to the statues and Vik Muniz. Sigh. Internet osmosis is a wonderful process - I never get tired of Vik Muniz. Long live all our creative processes and the man who's Found Objects art will inspire me for decades.

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