Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcome 2011

Now that was the best and easiest NYE ever - it started with a few margaritas after lunch and slinging the hammock between two posts on the front verandah followed by a lovely doze caressed by a south-easterly breeze. Miss Midget had a bath and was then allowed to relax in said hammock.  Long after I decided to get on with a few things she was still on her back, all four paws pointing skywards, gently swinging.
A glass of wine with dinner and a 9.30 pm bedtime was how we saw the last of 2010 - an incredible year for us and our families - and we are looking forward to 2011 - spending even more time with family and the important people in our lives. I'm sure there should be a reference to eating lots in there too ... sharing more good times food with our friends.  In the words of Jessica Anderson (The Commandant) whose thoughts on the writing process are relevant here " ...imagination is the primary necessity.  It's not a process of reasoning, but letting one set of words fire off another, and another, and another ... like improvising a dance". May your hearts, art and threads fire off something special and keep you dancing in 2011.

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