Friday, 31 December 2010

All the trimmings

There were loads of off-cuts and trimmed edges from cutting out our Civil War quilt - the subject of another post me thinks - so while I was working through more exercises on Playways  they got a new life, covered in zigzag stitch and made into cords.
The cords became a basket which has since been covered in a gel medium and is drying into a stronger, stiffer shape.
Lastly, another exercise from the Playways -  which will eventually become a beaded bowl. Did I mention how much fun this is? Looking forward to a quiet night in - with the WMBM and a glass or two of wine ... and asleep by 9 pm. Heaven! Wishing you all a bit of "eat, pray and love" in 2011.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful......amazing idea

Unknown said...

Thanks for that - Dale's course is full of ideas and "what if's" - and I'm only up to Module 2 in Playways ... I think having a decent block of time to work through some of the possibilities helps too. Thank you Dale @ The Thread Studio - my head just spins.