Sunday, 2 January 2011

Civil War Quilt progress

Twenty blocks have now been completed with plenty more required to finish the quilt top. Although the pattern suggests 16 blocks, our version requires some overhang on the bed and around 30 blocks should do it. The construction is fiddly and simply takes time to ensure accurate piecing of each component of the 9-patch. The corner pieces each comprise 4 small triangles and 2 squares. I am really enjoying working through the various fabric combinations and as usual, cannot get a picture in my head of what the finished quilt top will look like. This is the first quilt pattern I've ever purchased - and when completed will be a lasting memory of and tribute to our trip to Paducah and Bardstown, KY.


Anonymous said...

Fiddly would be an understatement
thats amazing

Anonymous said...

...............the mother