Sunday, 9 January 2011

Press 'n Seal machine quilting

Maxine sent me a box of this "stuff" and last evening I started the practice sessions for how the Vicksburg Civil War Quilt might be quilted. I love the speed of machine quilting but am challenged with heirloom patterns - the free motion funky modern is like drawing with thread and comes far more easily than the accuracy I so admire in others.

PNS drawn pattern (left)  from Harriet's book
 Maxine again to the rescue - with a book lent to me some time years ago - Harriet Hargrave's Heirloom Quilting. Press 'n Seal wasn't around when this book was published - that doesn't stop it being a great help to me! I drew a pattern onto the PNS and literally smoothed it over some folded cotton and batting. It certainly didn't shift and at the end I was left with even more evidence that practice makes perfect - and I need much more practice. Any feedback on how I can improve using PNS would be greatly appreciated - and in the interim I'm off to google it.

Update: Apart from the BSR throwing a hissy fit and having to scrape gum off the needle - not sure about whether this leaves a residue on fabric? Think I'll put it back in the kitchen drawer until I find out how to use it "properly".

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