Saturday, 15 January 2011

Flood #2

Flood #2
This morning I've been playing with free motion rotary cutting - direct from Alison Schwabe's website - click on "blog" and scroll down to her Lines and Edges entry from 3 November 2010 for full instructions.
Instead of using two layers of fabric I started with the piece of practice machine quilting from last week (in readiness for the Civil War Vicksburg quilt) and coloured it in with gold shiva. It was then cut into 3" squares. A piece of complementary fabric was then quilted in long river-like runs and also cut into 3" squares. Using Alison Schwabe's technique different free-motion pieces were cut and restitched. I used a narrow satin stitch to rejoin the squares (which is quite different from the way Alison S instructs on joining fabric pieces). I liked the rawness of the edges and finished these with several rounds of wider satin stitch. I've included a few of the "as it happened" pictures below. A great exercise, a new technique, loads of fun and thanks Alison Schwabe for sharing.

In the beginning ...

Coloured with gold shiva stick
Cut into 3" squares
Complementary 3" squares

The fun part ...

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