Sunday, 5 December 2010

Journal to Quilt - embellishing continues

Close up paddock and urban settlement
 Progress has been slow and this is more a reflection on me than the degree of difficulty with couching! Making time is so important - to be doing something creative everyday is such a priority - to form good habits and invest in the "doing" is essential. I am devoting half a day on the weekend to progressing this piece - and am hoping the near future will see me freed up to do more. Perhaps over the Christmas - New Year's break ....
Urban settlement is represented with different beads, a colourful paddock with simple straight stitch in variegated silk thread interspersed with french knots, fence lines also in silk thread.

Divided paddock, homestead, trees and creek
 The creek or waterway is couched Oliver Twist thread, folder over a few times then secured with nymo thread. The multiple thread has allowed bits to meander ... go on a different path elsewhere on the quilt. Seed beads are scattered representing the flow of trees and other vegetation ... and more ruched ribbon for denser trees / scrub / bush.


Kate said...

I love seeing the unfolding creation - "nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished"

Anonymous said...

i am trying to be a bit creative with the christmas baubles ............juices a bit thin