Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lemon trees and Willys

What's behind the spotted leaf?

 Just across from the sun room is an old bush lemon tree. It was here when we bought the place, one of about 5 trees that were here in the BC years (Before Chris).   Last weekend I went in search of leaves for printing and some lacy work with Solvy. Can you see what is behind the spotted leaf?
The Willy family
 It's the Willy family - at about head height, three eggs and defending the lemon tree territory most admirably.
Both of them have been layering spider web and soft grass, expertly moulded and then whacker-packed into position. The rim of the nest has been formed by both parents stretching their necks and beaks out and over the rising edge as if in search of the base, then sweeping their elongated necks around and across the outside layer, making it perfectly rounded and smooth. He seemed to be charged with selecting the grassy bits, and could be seen clacking them through his beak, end to end, we think to soften them for the rounded nest shape. She was in charge of compaction - sitting deep into the nest and vibrating madly like some wind-up toy. The egg laying seemed to be the easy bit.
The lacy stuff can wait a few more weeks .....

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Cant see the nest
J the mother