Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rain, rain here to stay ...

The view to Brisbane ...
We have not experienced a fall day of blue sky in months. As we near the second week of summer it seems incredible that we have not had a day reach 30 degrees C. Today is as bright as we've had for weeks ... the glare of the sun breaking through the permanent mist. Mount Fraser is completely whited-out, as is the Teviot Range and Mount French. Everything is shrouded in mist with no end in sight.
I love the rain and the way it cleanses the soul, the squelch of saturated earth and the choir of amphibian tenors serenading potential lovers in the gullies.The WMBM has cabin fever and has started construction on the Ark. 
Lost: Mount Fraser

It will be weeks before we can get into the paddock - the water table has risen so far the worms are drowning. Good for the water table. The worms might have a different perspective.

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Julie Fukuda said...

News reports here in Japan say you are still getting rain. Wish I could send a patch of blue.