Monday, 29 November 2010

Pinon Gallery ... an adventure in clay

The Gallery
 While in Colorado in September Judith took us to visit various artists including Nicole Copel and her clay ... unbelieveable. The exposure to different artists and types of artistry is wonderful. Nicole's passion for clay and the studio just oozes. The Pinon Hill Pottery is a must visit in La Veta.
Anyway - this is a little tribute to all the wonderful potters and potters -in-the-making, especially on the Isle of Man ... where it must be oh -so freezing cold and difficult to throw a good pot.

Nicole cooling the kiln

To die for tiles ...

gorgeous pots

in the studio proper

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Anonymous said...

Ian Sue and/or Ally
I would love a tile for my gallery if thats stress of course!
..........the mother/g'mother