Thursday, 8 August 2013

Floor talks in Newcastle on 17 August

One of my favourite pieces from the "This is a Quilt" Trunk Show C, currently travelling around Australia and New Zealand, is Vivika Hansen DeNegre's piece "Songbird #1 - Robin". Each of her pieces in this series is anchored in a place - with the text/music, flora and fauna all connected to a specific location. The nest has been constructed from a number of special fabrics, including from Vivika's predecessor at Quilting Arts Magazine, Pokey Bolton. There is a collage feel to the background piecing and the calm eye of the robin draws the viewer in for a closer look. While on show at the WA Craft Fair people were overwhelmingly drawn to the bird - patiently watching the egg. Vivika sometimes uses a pebble or similar, also specific to the area from where the quilt has its origins.  Sheet music, musical programs - all part of the songbird. I'll be attending the Stitches and Craft Show in Newcastle (NSW) on Saturday 17 August and giving a floor talk on Trunk Show C at 1.00pm.   I'd love to share this exquisite art quilt exhibition with you.


Diane Wright said...

OMG...Vivika pops up in the most interesting places...she also uses vintage maps. We really miss her at our weekly meetings now that she's working full tilt. Thanks for posting that. It is a treat. Small world, no?

Margaret said...

A delightful fabric collage, Ali! Thanks for sharing Vivika's piece with us. :-)

Maggie said...

I can see why you like it - it's beautiful.