Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Floor Talks #2 - Margaret Blank

As part of SAQA's travelling trunk show C "This is a Quilt", I chose five quilts as the focus of the floor talk about the exhibition. This piece, Circle Play, is by Margaret Blank of Alberta Canada. There's a lot going on in this piece as Margaret explores what can be done with a circular shape. In terms of construction the quilt  top comprises metallic hole-punched foil (sequin waste), commercial and hand dyed fabric with additional texture achieved through the use of Scribbles 3D paint (more circles on circles). The commercial fabric (bottom row of fabric) is printed with tiny circles within boxes. There is additional textural impact from the Scribble paint circles drawn within sun-dyed resist circles also on fabric cut into circular shapes. The machine quilting in the centre panel is circular. I chose this piece because of the way it embraces SAQA's definition of an art quilt - not the least because of Margaret's exploration of the shape and technique. This piece is assembled and layered, connected through stitch. It is a quilt in every sense of the word.  Here's hoping we can catch up at the Newcastle Stitches and Craft Fair on Saturday 17 August.


Margaret said...

Your detailed description of my piece makes me smile. Rarely does one get to 'observe' one's own work through the eyes of someone else!

Thank you! :-)

arlee said...

Lovely to see Margaret's work featured--she's a dynamo in a lot of ways, not the least with her fibre talents!