Friday, 16 August 2013

Floor Talk #3 - Nancy G Cook

Tomorrow I head off to Newcastle (NSW) to see SAQA's travelling trunk show C "This is a Quilt". One of the five quilts I chose as a focus for makers, materials and methods is Nancy G Cook's The Rose has Some Hips. Nancy's botanical work is exquisite. One of the many things that drew me to this piece is Nancy's use of stitch. The use of dense echo stitching around the rose flowers, which themselves are free from quilting, gives a gorgeous sense of movement in and around the flowers - just as in a garden. The quilting of the leaves with the veins sharply defined balances the softness of the inverted  "V" defining the petals. Beautiful texture has been created with hand embroidered centres while the emerging hip provides visual balance against the large flower heads. Another beautiful piece by Nancy G Cook.


Margaret said...

I too am a fan of Nancy's work. I marvel at her ability to 'see' and interpret the natural world so beautifully.

Judy said...

Beautifully executed piece