Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sharing creativity with the SAQA MOB (Members of Brisbane)

Last Saturday the MOB gathered (Members of Brisbane from SAQA's Oceania region) for a coffee and a chat about all things creative. It is important to share with others - seek feedback - work through ideas - experience show and tell on in impressive scale. Rebecca, Kate, Mel and I spent a wonderful few hours looking at the way Rebecca had interpreted her images of an historic church in Wellington (NZ) - through bookmaking, textural and layering elements, and creating her own fabric based on rubbings and images of the church hinges.  Kate had been playing with a glue gun to create a wonderful array of textured designs - ready for printmaking and many other uses. Mel's digital design work is always worth a trip to Brisbane - and her clever bag for holding all the essentials of a portable digital and textile artist - water colours, pens, art diary. Mel was able to share further work on the sketches made during the Open Studios at Aliquilts at the end of May - it was great to see them brought to life with watercolour. Speaking of watercolours ... couldn't resist using  a set of "vibrants" to demonstrate a couple of different techniques in applying the pigments.

SAQA MOB meets on the 1st Saturday of the new season - next get together will be 1 September

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