Sunday, 30 June 2013

Printmaking and St Martins

This image is of St Martin's church ( Martinitoren) in Groningen, The Netherlands where one of my friends went to University. The image is from 1955 (my friend attended Uni there many, many decades later) and I was struck by the tonal changes - the beauty of the church tower, the curves of the street lamp, street and cars.  There are many elements to consider. Using the image of St Martin's as a starting point, I carved one block and then the challenge was to carve another block that could be put beside it - able to make a print on either side of the first block!
The left half of this print is the interpretation of St Martin's church, the right hand print is a figment of my imagination. I've used a Japanese oil based printer's ink then hand painted with water colour. 

These are the same blocks printed with St Martin's church on the right. The blocks are small, test carvings and probably not suitable for large print runs on fabric. However, I think they will make great postcards or prints suitable for printing on A5 sized  journal covers. 


Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing

Anonymous said...

Sue here. Just beautiful. That was me being anonymous before

Sue Dennis said...

2 great blocks Ali. Love the journal cover too in the previous post.

Judy said...

............that is beautiful
Reminds me of brass rubbings

chris said...

You're such a clever child! Love watching your playtime.