Sunday, 30 June 2013

Layers of St Martin's church - a journal

 Today was and is play day - tried working with decolourant on the lino cut of St Martin's church and steamed its presence into the leftover rectangles - also printed the image using an oil based printers ink onto vliesofix (webbing) - quite an interesting outcome but not what I was looking for!  Added some gold - I imagine this church as cathedral like - seems such a landmark - and used some sheer fabrics to soften the clunkiness of the rectangles - the feel I want is old world, not freshly constructed. Then another layer of gently rubbed chiffon - first in black for shadow - the blurred background and another layer of gold - so that the upper most image is the hint of St Martin's church - three such rubbings placed across the fabric and another journal cover.  I really like to experiment with ideas and techniques - making a journal cover is such a "safe" way to experiment. There is really no such thing as a "failure" - just more of those "ah ha's" and "o-oh's". 

 Gold leaf vliesofixed over the decolourant image and inked image of St Martin's church

 Quilted with the walking foot in a diamond shape, skipping two of the rubbed images (keeping the thread unbroken and securing it on the other side of the image makes sure I have a line to follow on the next row of stitching)
The finished A5 journal cover - with a hint of St Martin's church

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