Saturday, 8 June 2013

Printmaking and the Silky Oak leaf

Today is a time for quiet cutting and carving of a silky oak leaf retained from the Open Studios weekend. During the Open Studios, the leaf was variously printed, rolled over and otherwise left with a protective coating of gold and black inks. The shape is the basis of my next lino cut (this time I'm experimenting with a softer material, much like an eraser which is easier to cut - and can be used on both sides). the proof will be in the printing as to whether the same level of clarity can be achieved. This is a slow process - the fine lines around the intricate leaves and the tendency for them to overlap slightly has left some interesting problem solving in terms of how and where to cut.

I've since gently painted the leaf with decolourant - and printed it onto some of the fabric dyed during the Open Studios weekend. Many beautiful results which will be shared over this gorgeous, long weekend at home.

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Margaret said...

I've found block cutting to be too hard on my hands (which are strong for other things) to enjoy. Your leaf is a beauty; I hope it turns out well for you!