Saturday, 14 April 2012

Textiles @ The Met and Ancient Beads

Spent the morning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York - looking at a number of textiles in different contexts from my usual experiences of them - textiles that are thousands of years old  - linen (left) used to wrap a body, about 2500BC, and fragments of linen (below) from the same era. Then some beads about the same vintage - and an ancient necklace also some thousands of years old and as beautiful as the day it was finally crafted. The faience necklace elements are made in molds then strung together after being attached to small ring beads. The beads include the shapes of palm fronds, lotus petals, dates, bunches of grapes and cornflowers. Minute and beautiful ..... took me back to Lisa Walton's online beading class except the beads I used then didn't quite have the same ancient appeal!


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Judy said...

what magnificent venues youve found