Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Textiles and quilts for breakfast

Started today at "Good Enough To East" restaurant, not far from the apartment and enjoyed the frames embroideries and the old quilt hanging on the wall beside the diners. A very comfy place for me - although no history to be gleaned on the old log cabin - just that it had been in the restaurant for "a long time".  Afterwards it was time to check out the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island which contains the museum that honours the immigrants, all 12 million of them, who were processed through Ellis Island on their quest to become "Americans".  Finally understood carpetbags ...  many times all the possessions a person had in the world were contained in a bag, made from carpet or rugs. A humbling place.


Sue Dennis said...

Really enjoying travelling with you! Which part of NYC are you staying in?

Judy said...

Lost heroes is profound

jan said...

Also enjoying travelling with you Ali