Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Textile artists and kindred spirits

While exploring Russell for the day, we stumbled into a shop filled with all things textile and Gillian Jones at the Entrance Gallery. Gillian is a textile artist - lots of different fibre creations and beautiful beading. The occasional feather is incorporated into her works. Simply beautiful. It was easy to get a little bit lost in all the different textile pieces. Thank you Gillian for a wonderful afternoon in the shop talking shop.


Anonymous said...

You simply want to hold Gillian´s textiles. They are unique and every piece seems to tell a story. Gillian is the North Island´s most modest and also most talented creative textile artist. She is inspirational and insightful.

Mike and Christine, admirers

Unknown said...

Thanks Mike and Christine - you are so right - Christine and her works are exquisite - and her creativity is palpable. It was an inspirational visit.