Monday, 2 May 2011

Hello planet earth

Dulany at work
Where have I been? Sans computer for 2+ weeks and hoping to be back online when we return from a brief holiday in New Zealand this week. The lack of cyber access hasn't dulled the level of activity in the studio or working on the contagion of "porcelain clay". With the return of Little Sister from the Isle of Man  there's been a foray into her world of beautiful objects, glazed and unglazed. Without the appropriate level of care, it could become a second passion.
I'm working on an entry for World Quilt which is due 20 May - and all the details are on Sue Dennis' website for those who can manage a 1296 square inch minimum size - it's lovely to work "big" again.
Our 2QAQ meeting on Saturday was a hoot - and it is good for the soul when I get with "my people" as Kathryn calls them. Best of all I got an email from Dulany Lingo (La Veta Colorado) where I visited last September. Dulany's studio home is amazing, as is her polymer clay, textile and fibre art.
I'll try to post from Paihia and if not, there'll be a flurry of activity when we're back.


margaret said...

Glad to see you're back on board.

Judy said...

Wow what a week you had