Monday, 16 May 2011

Leafy surprises and cannon rubbings ...

My friend Kate released a book into the wild at our place some time ago. I read the book. The pages of the book then gifted me two beautiful leaves from Canberra - perfectly dried and exquisitely Canberra. I cut the leaf shape out of template stencil with a surgeon-like cutting knife (the book was The Surgeon of Crowthorne) then pressed some gold shiva onto baking paper. Dib. Dib. Dab. Dab. I used a small sponge to transfer shiva over the stencil and onto hand dyed pieces of silk and fabric. Thank you Kate.
Speaking of shivas ... WMBM has requested  a set of fabric pieces and shiva sticks so that he doesn't have to wait about for me if he sees something worth rubbing. While wandering Russell in New Zealand recently, we did our first "joint" rubbing -  a beautiful cannon (that fires cannon balls ... not of the religious kind). The effect was gorgeous and part of that fabric now graces the binding of my entry for World Quilt. There are still 5 days left to meet the deadline for submission ... see Sue Dennis' website for full details. Thank you WMBM.

The cannon @ Russell,  NZ


Sue Dennis said...

A 'rubbing couple'- I love it! Bob is normally talkng to the interested onlookers- if he can speak the local language[not]!

Kate said...

Yeah - I love the thought of you and WMBM working together! And your post reminded me how you nearly had a heart attack when the leaves fell out of the book - glad they inspired you!!!