Sunday, 21 November 2010

Journal to Quilt at the Guide Hut

Ruched ribbon + featherstitch
Yesterday was a real treat spent with friends at the Boonah Guide Hut. Discharge, printing, burning and stitching was the order of the day for most - while Kate and I progressed different projects from a safe place at the back of the hut and right near the tea and coffee station. Perfecto! The lake has been made and bonded to the front of the quilt with vliesafix (or "phisohex" as I heard it called - very cute and now stuck in my head). The vegetation / bushland surrounding most of the lake has been created by ruching ribbon - from a hank of Oliver Twist. I love Oliver Twist because of the multiple textures and colours through the gorgeous threads. Sumptuous. 
The great lake taking shape

There's a little bit of rubefaction happening here - not too much of course - I'm looking for balance (aren't we all) and love the way the pinks and reds in the ribbon combine. They are similar in shades to all the new growth on the grevilleas at present. Love the texture of the whole thing.
The feather stitch is in two different shades of gold thread interspersed with blue cotton sewing thread.
Paddocks I
More foliage and fence lines, a building and some infill. Stitches include long and short satin stitches in different silk threads, running stitch, french knots and more ruched ribbon. Thanks Robyn, Meredith, Kate et al for a wonderful day at the Guide Hut.


Anonymous said...

good if i understood the quilters special language but the effect is exquisite

Anonymous said...

Fooled the site into putting my comment in

Unknown said...

Actually I was looking up "ruching" in the dictionary and came across the other - which means "red" but usuallly pertains to a skin disease! Glad you got to have a look and fooled the site. This is just more proof that mothers are smarter than daughters ... usually. Love you