Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Quilting and Tarome

The girls leaving the secret garden
It's awkwardly humid and threatening to spill itself from the sky. I have pruned the secret garden - and made sure I didn't disturb the nests of web and soft things as I went. I then took a beer and some nuts to Chris who is out there on the ride-on - and as I handed them over made a rather hasty retreat  from our first big brown slithery of the warmer weather. He/She/It retreated to the shade of the garden bed and was last seen smoothing itself most casually away from the noisy humans.
For the past few days the birds have been going intermittently hysterical for no apparent reason with everyone and everything heading tree-ward - so we suspect it is  the beginning of snake season as they seek out  nestlings and other yummy bits in the bushes. Or ... there's a parrot out there who's having a lot of fun at the expense of everyone else.
I told everyone that my ultimate birthday fantasy was to lock the front gate and unplug the phone - and it's absolutely true.  Quiet. Silence. Only the sound of the chickens scratching in the gardens and the cacophony of birds being gluttons in the spring flowers. And the secret garden that Chris made ... for me.  Weeding and pruning in the secret garden - which I've come to understand as honouring the garden and house and the space we inhabit - is a most pleasurable way to spend a birthday morning - and there's  much self-satisfaction at having really earned a refreshment afterwards.

Blue wren in the sweet potato
Our "secret garden" is an extension of the original house yard by 12 metres or so. The two guava bushes that we simply could not kill (in spite of mowing them into the dust-  week in, week out, for forever) have now formed a cooling arch that invites the interested visitor to a path that once led to a garden bench and somewhere quiet to reflect on navel lint and partake of ... refreshments. It's now a totally plant-enclosed area - sans bench - and provides protection from the wind for our lime tree and the roses and several other gorgeous things, and the little people that allow us to share their space. This morning the wrens brought out three more little people - showing them how to flip this and poke that, in search of independence and food. Every now and then we get  (that really means Chris gets) the chipper out and prune hard - which results in mulch for next season's benefit. And so it goes ....
As for a quilty update, I've nearly completed 11 blocks on the Civil War inspired quilt - depending on a few things, I only have a total of 25 or 36 to complete  ... those things include the size of the bed, time pressures and how much overhang there's going to be ... oh, and my good humour remaining intact.  I spent yesterday with Meredith and Robyn - yakking and sewing and more talking ... special days.  Upcoming important projects (as opposed to those that aren't quite so significant) are: the members' exhibition piece that I haven't even thought about for the Boonah Art Gallery members, a vessel for the Vessel Challenge for 2QAQ Art-rageous Christmas Party  ... and the State of the Art Quilt 2011 entries .. I'm hoping for 2  ... and the Queensland Quilters Quilt Show in October ....  So, it must be time to get back to the studio  ... 


Francie said...

So interesting to read about your secret garden... I happen to be in the midst of working on my own secret space - a forsaken corner of our yard that's been ignored for years. Even though winter's upon us, I'm forging ahead with spring on my mind!

I've very much enjoyed reading your blog... found my way here via Sue Dennis, with whom I'll be taking classes next week here in California. I'm excited at the prospect of learning some new techniques from her.

Your birthday sounded grand! I'm a great lover of quiet mingled with the sounds of nature. Watched a beautiful sunset tonight - the perfect way to end a peaceful day.

Looking forward to more of your blog...

Unknown said...

Thanks Francie - I really appreciate your feedback. You are so lucky to be doing a workshop with Sue Dennis - we belong to the same art quilt group (2QAQ) - she is fantastic! You will so enjoy the class - all the best for that good luck with the gardening too.