Wednesday, 27 October 2010

For the fibre artist in all of us

Eppie Archuleta woven cloth
 The trip from Walsenberg and La Veta CO across the Rio Grande is a real treat with some extra special delights for those with and interest in fibre. One of the buildings within the Fort Garland Museum houses  the work of many artists, local and not so local, including that of weaver Eppie Archuleta. Eppie began weaving at the age of six - has received many commendations over the years. She weaves in Rio Grande and Chinayo patterns.

Hairy stuff

It seemed like felting with coir - and it was. This saddle blanket is made from .... hair. All kinds.

A housewife of sorts ...

This wallet like item was called a "housewife" and carried such useful items as needle and thread, maybe a button or two  .. and was made by a wife, girlfriend or other significant female in the life of the soldier. When we got across to Bardstown KY it was amazing to learn that at least 400 women served on the front line of the Civil War - and Bardstown KY has a museum specifically honouring their contribution to the war effort.

Take a left at Fort Garland and head south through the San Luis Valley towards Taos, NM.

Leave the stunning mountain scenery behind and head into the vast, flat and sanity-challenging windy place that is the San Luis Valley. Imagine the wagons .. mile after endless mile ...  the cold and the dry wind ...  and altitude. It was, to us, exquisitely beautiful.

La Lana Wools

There were many opportunities to help lead the US out of the recession / GFC and La Lana Wools in Taos, NM was a great start. Wools, fibre, and all sorts of exquisite things fill the entire shop from top to bottom.  Knitted, felted, woven, spun, raw ... it was all there in every shape, size and weight imaginable.  Very nice.

Taos shops
More shops, including Common Threads with the very "uncommon fabrics" discussed in a different post. Beautiful silks, buttons of distinction ... and a price tag that reflects the uncommonness of each bolt. Value on many levels. Lots of disposable income required. Parity with the AUD and USD would make an Internet experience worth a click or two ... although I'll wait for someone to let me know how good that was given my recent experience.

Big buttes abound

If returning from Taos NM in the general direction of must-stop-and-stay La Veta CO, take a few moments to breathe in the stillness of one of the many buttes (Australians would pronounce it "beaut" not "but" as I mistakenly did on tour)  .. eroded over so many millions of years - beautiful.  It's about 2+ hours between Taos NM and La Veta CO - a local might well do it in less time but there was always the "anxious prediction" of hitting something bigger than the hire car in the evening light - which meant anything larger than a raccoon.


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We stopped at Tierra Wool at Los Ojos, thinking you had been there! It was great & Kay just nodded when I mentioned you & Lorraine LOL. In Taos today & go onto Santa Fe tonight.

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