Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Stations of the Cross, San Luis Valley

Stations of the Cross, San Louis
En route to Taos in search of uncommon threads, we took a turn at a junk yard and headed into the dust and the dirt to climb to the top of a mesa. We then crossed the top of its flatness until I wondered where we could possibly be going  ... and the beautiful Stations of the Cross church formed in front of us. Looking out over the San Louis Valley, the Mexican Martyrs are buried behind the church on a small incline that looks back over the San Louis valley. 

This was a sombre and beautiful place. For the tourists, and there must be many of them, there are three portaloos (a loose definition) - and as reported in our other blog, three of the four people in the car used them (read that as I decided to put my knees together AND drive to Taos). Three out of four people in the car looked like they required counselling afterwards. So ... go to the loo at Fort Garland before heading south to Taos. This is probably the best and only advice I'd dare to give anyone making a similar trip.

Lorraine at Stations of the Cross

The interior of the church is beautiful - polished and serene timbers - encouraging quiet reflection. The adobe construction means it is cool inside - the thick walls make for perfect insulation, although maintenance is high.

We strolled around the gardens and statues - taking in the views of the San Louis Valley - and the town below us - and considered the sacrifices made by many for their faith. I gave thanks for my own toilet.

San Louis Valley from Stations of the Cross
Okay - it's not quite the "valley" but I think it shows (1) clouds - and we'd only had pristine blue "big sky" country since we arrived, and  (2) the high desert dry - and what manages to survive and thrive in the climate.  Seriously - it was so dry I was slapping ultra thick body lotion on my face - my skin was in danger of resembling an adobe wall sans paint job.

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