Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Adventures in La Veta, CO

What a design inspiration - the loo in Judith Baker Montano's studio - which comprises a wall of books (opposite said loo) although no one was in there long enough to be able to make a decision. Surrounded by fat quarters and magazines it was almost tempting to stay in there ... a great way to use extra space and the handbasin was a gorgeous ceramic hand painted and oh-so New Mexico - perhaps from the Jesus Sale we attended - another form of inspiration for another blog ... the real lesson for me was to maximise all available space - no matter where it is!

Judith's garden ...
High desert country gardens have lots of .... pebbles, rock and stone. Whether it's the altitude, the way the sun filters through or simply a lot of love ... the colours of flowers, any other flora and weeds is electric. Beautiful colour combinations that smack you in the face - no need for the colour wheel here - nature demonstrates the possibilities and I'll try to capture some of that in future works.

Fencing al la La Veta
Design inspiration is everywhere - and there's no need to go overseas to find it - perhaps it's the heightened awareness that you'll never be back in that place, at that time ever again that ensures I take the camera everywhere ... I loved this fencing in La Veta. Not sure what it would keep in, or out but it was exquisitely constructed and I can see the lines and miles of it travelling over a project.

Time to get cracking while I have a few weeks left to contemplate fabric, thread and completion of a few "on the go" projects.


Sue Dennis said...

Can't wait to see more photos Alison!

suzmarshallinoz said...

Now I have a new favourite blog to add to the others!