Monday, 27 September 2010

La Veta magic

Ali and JBMs dog
Well it's been a wonderful few weeks away - and all the details are on my travel blog  - and to say we had some adventures is an understatement. I've also taken loads of photos of quilts, design ideas and everything else and will start putting the story together from a slightly different perspective. I promise to include all the good bits again too! This pic was taken at Judith Baker Montano's teaching studio in La Veta - and yes, I'm actually cuddling one of her dogs - and more importantly wearing my "Ernest Tribute Tie Dye Tee" - in the words of his wife, "Ernest has not really left the 70s". And it was absolutely true! As part of our week in La Veta, we were treated to the entire experience - this entailed frequent trips out and away from the studio - and it is these that in retrospect will stay with me always. It was so much more than "visits" to other studios or artists - I think my inspiration overload syndrome is, at least in part, due to the interaction with so many beautiful and gifted talents - in areas other than fabric, quilting and material pursuits.

Judith's studio complete with grapevine
We spent 5+ days at the studio- and Ernest would bring platters of fresh fruit (as well as those nasty things called cookies, and chocolaty delicious bits) - the grapes falling from the vine almost replaced the need for other refreshment!  Almost. Loved the colours and brightness of La Veta, especially Judith's and Ernest's place. High plains desert can support gorgeous gardens - different from what I expected but riots of colour, and peacefulness ... it permeated the studio and while the course was a real struggle for the first few days - the ultimate product was worth the persistence - and that included one block I simply ditched in the bin - and the improvement in karma was instant.

Ernest completes a coffee run, work in progress continues
Ernest truly looked after us - including the night he cooked ribs for dinner - using lots and lots of bourbon for flavour. We had never eaten anything like them - and it was a memorable evening at the end of our 5 days in class. There were, of course, many more days to follow including Judith leading us south into New Mexico to Taos. Another story ... but a MUST do is a visit to Common Threads - a most unusual fabric store carrying uncommon fabrics. Silks, specialty fabrics and all things unimaginable - worth the visit. I acquired 2 sets of buttons - with playing card theme for my Dad's collection of playing cards and memorabilia - well worth the trip and expense just for those!

Work in progress ... a labour of persistence and patience
Back to the class ... our mornings started around 9am La Veta time, we broke for about 1.5 hours each day for lunch, then returned to the studio for another couple of hours work in the afternoons. Our evenings and breaks were filled with various activities - including getting together for dinner, visits to such places as The Dog Bar in Cuchera - what a place and what atmosphere (in spite of the altitude). Now that I'm home, and almost unpacked, I can see the blocks I created in a different light - standing alone from the studio and everyone else's work - and I'm really pleased with the final product - took it to 2QAQ on Saturday and continued the laying of ribbons and lace - in a few more weeks I might be able to start the embellishment proper - that's the part I enjoy most. The quiet restfulness of sitting in the studio, creating with thread ...

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Kate said...

Welcome HOME!!! Wow - so much packed in the experience...Congrats too on the 2QAQ committee - I know you will be a huge plus to what gets done...catch up once you've caught your breath....