Thursday, 30 September 2010

Creative thinking in Colorado

Early mornig in La Veta
Every place at every time provides an opportunity to think about design, explore possibilities. Sometimes you just need to get to the particular appointment on time, or enjoy the holiday sans over-intellectualising the whole thing. Fortunately, or unfortunately,  the influence of the 2QAQ group is ever present - and instead of seeing trees and forests, rocks and wires it's now "possible thread or sewing lines" and ... it happens to  everyone I think, I'm still playing catch-up. Some pics that remind me of thread, quilting, art quilts, order, design, space and balance ....

Aspen about to turn

Barn, La Veta

Fort Fransico, La Veta

Wall, Paducah

Wall, Fort Garland

Fence, La Veta

Fence post, Antonito

Gate, La Veta

Grate, Manitou Springs

Tunnel, Rocky Mountains, New Mexico

Fort Fransisco, La Veta

Rocky Mountains, Arizona

Hog Oiler, For Fransisco

Belle Mead Mansion, Tennessee

Timber and Adobe, Fort Garland

Water Tower, Cumbres Pass

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Kate said...

Hi Ali - yes you do start looking for things, but it's more than just inspiration for sewing - it's also honouring your life and being in the moment, being present and taking pleasure and wonder at things that happen along. My favourite photos from your post - the barn - colours, regular square shape of the windows, the relative size of the windows - it's just beautiful; grate Manitou Springs - the strength of the diagonal line contrasting with the windows and the design element where the diagonals cross - really like that; water tower - love the watery effect of the reflection - blurring of vision and of reality - what are we really seeing there - we have to work to make sense of the reflected image - and then the surprise of the subtle diagonal points rising to the left.
Thanks for the inspiration....