Saturday, 4 May 2013

SAQA Oceania - my home!

Oceania - My Home -- Ali George
Oceania - My Home
It is terrific to see the 12 inch (30 cm) quilts going up on SAQA's website - in preparation for the benefit auction held later this year. The auction is held annually and is the primary fundraiser for our organisation. Lisa Walton and I are the co-representatives for Oceania Region - which comprises more than eighty SAQA members. We are spread across Australia, New Zealand and the southern pacific area - including a member who lives most of the year in Uruguay.  SAQA brings us together - and Oceania is my home. Contact me or Lisa for more information - we'd love you to be part of our SAQA family.

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Margaret said...

My piece was delivered to Gale in Santa Fe and as I want them to do the photo, it's not up yet. I keep checking, though!