Saturday, 18 May 2013

Quilting and the divine Miss O

We don't have a traditional grandma / granddaughter relationship but Miss O, at  four and a half, spent more than two hours with me today me as I stitched, quilted, unpicked, and finally bound. So many things shared - so many delights and stifled laughter - the innocent mention of those things her mother may prefer not to learn about here. Miss O is a self proclaimed artist, believes in the magic of buttons, beads and zig zag stitch. She promises me that if I practise  I will be able to draw people as good as she does, and we renamed the indoors studio space / workroom as "the danger room for artists". A couple of hot chocolates on the front veranda and a Miss O monologue about drawing and printing fabrics in the garden ... but only if there's room for her with me and 'gramps and no spiders!


Judy said...

OMG what a privilege

chris said...

You have sew many special days in that studio!