Sunday, 28 April 2013

The wonder of weeds

This weekend has been a time for quiet reflection - and the opportunity to explore depth and texture on this panel. The rusted fabric was printed with weeds from our garden in different shades of green and brown. Various threads are now being embroidered over the surface to create a more textured appearance.  Being ambidextrous my French knots turn out differently, depending on which way the thread is twisted around the end of the needle. Long live the molly-dookers who stitch.


Judy said...


Margaret said...

Great fun -- and a reminder of spring, even though it's quite the opposite where you are. :-) And I must add what a treat it was to see your name and your piece when we hung the 'Oceania' group of 12" square quilts for viewing at Santa Fe last week. Connected across the continents!