Monday, 22 April 2013

Creating depth

Creating the illusion of a three dimensional quality on a quilt top can be achieved in many ways. Here, dark brown and blue Shiva stick were crushed onto baking paper and worked together with a stippling brush. The bristles are short and very stiff - making it fairly easy to work the Shiva onto the quilt top. The bristles can be used to "stipple" or pinched between the fingers to create a well controlled line of paint.
First, some leaves on a remnant of the lime fabric were put onto vliesofix, then applied over the intersecting seams.

The Shiva was applied to create a "rolled edge" on the upper leaf and create a "shadow" over the darker, lower leaf. A few strokes were added to the "valleys" of some of the other leaves, giving them the appearance of floating over that part of the quilt.


chris said...

It definitely works, Ali! Great day yesterday!

Judy said...


Ian Beale said...

I saw this on the weekend. Striking!!!