Sunday, 8 January 2012

Precious memory holder ... or The Book

Today was a day for quiet reflection with just a splash of mild panic. Reflecting on how peace-filled days at Tarome can be, and mild panic that today was not that kind of day. Fiddled with this piece which, when beaded and otherwise embellished, will form the cover of a book that is coming to fruition - albeit slowly. The three tags across the base are constructed from ... you guessed it, the WMBM's repurposed shirt. Maxine's silk roll was couched into a border, Jan's bag of goodies from the last 2QAQ swap meet came in handy with some glorious silks and Lisa Walton's beading course is the gift that keeps on giving. However, today was more about thinking through the execution of my "Beneath a Southern Sky" entry which is due on 25 January. The specifications (100cm x 40cm in the vertical rather than horizontal) are really interesting because there is such an opportunity for a narrative that perhaps a more "square" or slightly rectangular shape doesn't lend itself to in the same way. So what story can be told beneath a Southern sky? I got to thinking about our Keith who would have been 71 today - one of  the last of the true, old bushies and of all the campfires he and Lorraine must have sat around as they travelled mile after mile of this country. They never missed an opportunity while they had it and nor should I - so it's back to the studio (I always wanted to say that ...)

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jan said...

Looks lovely Ali - looking forward to seeing more pages.